Welcome to Our Vineyard Tasting Room

At Turkey Point Vineyard, we want our guests to feel at home. We offer a relaxing oasis from your everyday. Enjoy a glass of wine in our outdoor seating area, wander through our vineyard, and explore our wooded area.


Come visit and have a seat! We have some patio seating available.

This is the interior of our new vineyard tasting room.

 This is our new vineyard tasting room.

Soon our vineyard tasting room will be stocked with wine, wine-themed gifts, and more!

You won't get this view unless you venture out into our vineyard. We welcome guests to walk through the vineyard!

 You may see some of our grapes ripening if you visit before harvest season.

 Imagine sipping a glass of wine and relaxing as you take in the sunset.

 Sunsets are always better at Turkey Point Vineyard!